Frequently Asked Questions


What type of coin is ZNC?
ZNC is an ERC20 token registered on Ethereum Network with total supply of 20,000,000 token. Click here to verify contract.

Why is ZNC coin price increases by 1% daily?
In other to build a strong community. We have decided to run a Campaign program. During the period, ZNC price will increase by 1% daily. We give 100% guarantee of daily profit to our investors.

How can I invest in ZNC coin?

  1. Register and Login to you wallet
  2. Add fund to your wallet by clicking on "add fund" menu. You can add BTC, ETH, NGN or USD
  3. from your ZNC Wallet, Click on 'Buy'
  4. Select from your added fund
  5. Enter the amount and confirm your transaction
  6. Your fund will be converted to your ZNC Wallet

How much return can I earn on ZNC during price campaign period ?
You will earn up to 1% daily return. Use the profit widget on our home page to calculate your return

When will the Campaign end?
Token Campaign starts on the 28th of August till futher notice. We will notify all our investors before we end the campaign

When will ZNC Token be listed on Crypto Exchange?
ZNC Token will be listed on one of the top crypto exchange. The exchange will be revealed as soon as the agreements are finalized

What will determined the price after campaign end?
Price will be determined by exchange


Is this a Ponzi Site?
No. This is not a ponzi site. It's a crypto trading platform.

Is this a legitimate company?
Yes Zcnox is registered limited liabity company with CAC Registration Number RC1421218


How do I start trading?

  1. Register and Login to you wallet
  2. Add fund to your wallet by clicking on "add fund" menu. You can add BTC, ETH, ZNC, NGN or USD
  3. Start trading on your prefered currency.

What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal?
Check our deposit and withdrawal fee here

Do you charge for trading?
Yes, we charge 2% on all trading pair

How long will it take for my deposit to reflect?
All crypto and debit card deposits are processed automatically. Bank transfer will take up to 2 hours before processing

Who determined the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum?
Price of currency is determined by average ask price of currency accross major exchanges.

How long will it take to proccess withdrawal?
All crypto withdrawals are processed automatically. However local bank transfer will take up to 1 working day