Zcnox Shareholder

Buy up to 5000 Zcnox Coin and become a shareholder

We share 70% of platform profit among the shareholders. You earn up to 10%-30% of your investment monthly for one year. The return will be paid in your preferred currency (NGN, USD, BTC or ETH).

How It Works

Register and login to your wallet
Buy minimum of 5000 Zcnox Coin
Click on Shareholder menu and complete the share holder registration form
Enter the amount of Zcnox Coin you want to invest(minimum is 5000 Zcnox Coin).
The amount will be locked in your wallet for 1 year
You earn 20% - 35% monthly return for 1 year and your Zcnox coin will be released after one year

NOTE: This offer is for a limited time. It will end after we reached the number of share holders needed. Register now and be part of next big thing